Creating Lasting Relationships with Community, Religious and Civic Leaders and Organizations

The Citizens Academy is an annual event for local community, religious and civic leaders, and organizations to interact and talk directly with ATF special agents and participate in hands-on activities related to ATF’s areas of investigative responsibilities.

The goal of the ATF Houston Field Division Citizens’ Academy is to create a lasting partnership with community, religious leaders, civic leaders and organizations through education of our regulatory and technical capabilities which play a vital role in the reduction of violent crime. The focus is to highlight the vital role ATF serves in safe guarding south east Texas, as well as to build a special bond between ATF and the communities.

Upcoming Events

Jun 17, 2020

Jeff Kyle, a Marine Corps Veteran (2000-2008), is brother to Chris Kyle. Jeff will recount his experiences of serving overseas with Chris, discuss Chris’ tragic death, and detail his family’s efforts forming the American Valor Foundation.

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  • History of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)The early years of tax collecting to today's law enforcement and regulatory bureau.

  • Industry Operations Investigators (IOI): Functions and responsibilities in governing federal firearms licensing and regulations.

  • Federal Firearms Laws: ATF's responsibilities for regulating the firearms industry and investigating firearms related criminal activity.

  • Firearms Trafficking Case Study: Learning from past ATF firearms trafficking cases and how we adapt our investigation methods to counter and stop firearms trafficking.

  • International Firearms Trafficking (IFT): Cause and effect of international firearms trafficking and how it affects our local community.

  • Range Day: Spend an afternoon firing different tactical weapons/learning tactical movement formations. 

  • Arson: Learn about our Certified Fire Investigator Program, interesting case studies and K-9 demonstration and detection.

  • Blast Demonstration: See first hand the destructive force of pyrotechnics.

  • Special Response Team: Learn about ATF's specialized team of operators, medics and negotiators.

Participant Eligibility

  • Civic, Religious, Business and Community Leaders and Organizations

  • 21 year of age and above

  • No Prior Felony Convictions

  • Submit to a background check

  • Live and/or work in the Greater Houston area.

  • The application period is open 9-1 through 12-1  and is now closed.

Citizens Academy Information

For more information please email or call:

Public Information Officer

5825 N. Sam Houston Pkwy West

Suite 300

Houston, TX 77086

(281) 716-8207


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